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Thanks for checking out my game! I made this for the Game Maker's Toolkit 2020 Game Jam and there's definitely a few more things I would've liked to add but I still ended up with something playable and I hope you enjoy!


A & D or Left and Right - Run
Space - Jump
Space + S or Down - Duck
L or Left Control - Pick Up / Throw


Kyle Thompson - Art, Animation, Programming, Music
Patrick Corrigan, Joe Gibson - Additional Testing

Wheel of Misfortune is a fast paced action platformer with a brutal RNG twist. The wheel will spin and land on one of six slots that each deal their own dose of mayhem. The slot the wheel lands on is out of your control, but you can nudge it one way or the other by attacking enemies and collecting powerups. Combo together hits on multiple enemies to earn even more bonuses in your race against the clock to stop the wheel before it stops you.


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Wheel of Misfortune Final.zip 4 MB


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Great work Kyle. Great job with the gameplay but I particularly loved the art style and the music. The frog's run cycle is great. Good job!

-Adam S.

Just like last game jam I didn't get the release settings quite right for the build that I ended up submitting, until I'm able to update the .zip if it's not working for you hopefully this link will: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iU_9DTmMXqD1o9KccKUtBE0c-ZswhNOp/view?usp=shari...